Enjoy some sample pages of what we offer...

Back-end Account Portal:

The back-end account portal has many tools, here are some examples:

1. This section holds the customer's personal information, including name, email address, street address, and company name.

2. This section shows the account's payment status. When the payment is due, the amount that is due, and how much credit they may have is displayed.

3. In this section account credit, or a custom charge can be processed.

4. This section shows the billing history, going as far back as when the account was first created. 

Data Usage by Mobile Share Group:

The Mobile Share Group data usage page pulls real time usage from the AT&T database.


Aside for the individual group's usage, you will find: 

  • The plan the group is on 

  • The amount, in GB, that has been sold

  • The limit that group has

  • The amount, in GB, that is still available

  • The amount of lines active in the group

  • The option to view the lines in that group

Data Usage by Individual Line:

This page displays the data usage for each individual line. 

In this breakdown, you will see the user's data limit, the current usage, the amount of data that remains, the billing date, and the BAN it belongs to.

This page also includes some features that allows for easier monitoring:

  • Filtering options that will display only certain numbers

  • Clear indication when a line is over their allotted usage

  • Upon disabling or enabling a line, indication as to current status

Individual Line Scraper:

This page displays the information in Premier for each individual line.

Our system scrapes and stores all information associated with an individual line. This includes:

  • The BAN it is on

  • The Group it is on

  • Whether it is a Primary line

  • The line’s current status

  • The SIM card number

  • The device IMEI number

  • The various features placed on the line

  • And more...

Tracking upgrades and downgrades:

This page helps keeps track of orders that are placed. 

When a customer puts an order through to upgrade or downgrade a line, they are displayed here. All the related information is shown, including whether it is an upgrade or downgrade, from what plan to what plan, the option to mark it off as 'complete', and more. 


On the lower half of this page, lines that need re-activation are stored. When a line is suspended for late payment, once payment is finally made, the line will appear here. Here too, once action is taken hitting 'compete' will remove it from the list.